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Factoring is a complex of financial services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs carrying out deliveries or rendering services on a deferred payment basis.
Factoring allows to replenish the company's working capital, increase the scope of delivery with a deferred payment, eliminate cash gaps, improve the payment discipline of obligors, and so on.  

  • 1.Goods  delivery
  • 2.Waybills  transfer
  • 3. Payment up to 90% of the delivery  amount
  • 4.Delivery payment by the  buyer
  • 5.Payment of the remaining amount  to the client


  • Factoring means financing of deliveries on deferred payment terms; therefore, the financing limit depends primarily on the scope of delivery and the deferred period.
  • Factoring is unsecured financing, so it is more affordable than bank lending.
  • Factoring financing is provided for 90% of the delivery amount, and the overdraft limit is 30-50% of the company's turnover.
  • The period of factoring financing: 120 days: the overdraft period: 30-45 days.
  • Factoring provides for receivables management service, which allows to improve the payment discipline of obligors and avoid risks of losses


We are professionals in factoring services market and therefore offer a wide range of financial products. This allows us to select individually a suitable product and satisfy the most diverse needs of our clients.

Advantages of factoring in our company

Convenient financing limits

Financing limits are set according to your needs!

We work with any solvent obligors

We have transparent rates and there are no hidden fees

  • fixed fee rates for the entire term of the deferral, without increasing interest in the event of late payment from the obligor
  • fees  for  factoring  services  are charged  from the moment of financing until the moment of waybill  payment

Internet Factoring

You can see  all the information on the assigned waybills online in a  personal account

Undisclosed Factoring

We can  work  with the most  complex obligors, even  with  those   who  do not sign notice  of assignment of receivables.

We do not require you to open additional bank accounts

Operational financing - according to waybill registers with digital signature

Financing  registers are signed by EDS and financed  no later than  2 days  after  confirmation of  deliveries