MK Factoring
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Financing limit for a Client RUB 1-80 million 
Deferral according to  delivery contract 14-120  days
The Client's company operation term from 6 months*
First payment amount up to  90% **
Grace  period 21 days
Recourse period (for recourse factoring ) 7 days
* exceptions are possible for the group of  companies,
** under purchase factoring, first payment amount is  100%.


All  documents  are provided in electronic  form  (scan or Excel):

1.  Questionnaires:
  • Client and Obligor questionnaire (FK form);
  • Guarantor questionnaire, in case there is a guarantee
2.  Copies of  all passport pages of  business owners  and  managers, as well as  persons  named in  bank cards, authorized to manage funds   on the  account, using the  equivalent of a handwritten  signature,  and other persons   acting under  Power of Attorney.
3.Constitutional  Documents:
  • Certificate of state registration of a legal  entity.
  • Sample signatures and seal card (form No. 0401026) (either notarized or certified in the Bank, where the current account is opened).
  • The Articles of Association, as amended.
  • Extract from the shareholders register (for joint-stock  companies).
4.Delivery contract (contract with  the buyer):
  • Contracts and agreements with Obligors, transferred to factoring financing, with all schedules and additional agreements,
  • Power of attorney for  signatories   authorized by the Obligors and  the Client, if  contracts  are signed by proxy.
5.Financial and accounting documents:
  • Financial statements Form No. 1-2 for the last 5 reporting  periods.
  • Corporate income tax and  VAT returns for the last  reporting  period.
  • Card 62 of the account for the last year, separately for each obligor transferred to factoring, in electronic   form.
  • Trial balance for accounts 60,62,76 for the last reporting period in electronic   form.